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My Body As Her Vessel (2022) (Excerpt)

My Body As Her Vessel (2022) (Excerpt)
My Body As Her Vessel (Excerpt)

My Body As Her Vessel (Excerpt)

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My Body As Her Vessel

My Body As Her Vessel

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My Body As Her Vessel (Excerpt)

My Body As Her Vessel (Excerpt)

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My Body As Her Vessel (2022)
Video projection | HD, colour, sound | 4'01”

by Kitty Yeung 楊適榕

於香港特別行政區成立年出生的我們,常被稱為「被詛咒的一代」。從 1997 年起在這座城市發生過的事,就像胎記、像傷口、像疤痕、像瘜肉、像腫瘤,與我的身體共存著。作為 97 的兒女,自己與香港的命運似乎連繫了一起,唇亡齒寒。
我把自己的軀體化為一個載體,由喻作 1997 年的腳部開始,鏡頭於肌膚上移向喻作 2047 年的頭部,其中呈現了香港各大事件,那些事都深深塑造了我對此地的身份認同。它們都是一些必要的傷口、疤痕和印記。
Hong Kong has never been in equilibrium。愈接近2047年,我身體的蠕動會愈強,猶如一條被砍頭的魚。抵至身體的中段 ,亦即我 25歲 的 2022 年,腰部以上的軀體都是消失的。歸因香港已死,抑或需於混沌中探索重生?

Born in the year when Hong Kong was established as a SAR (Special Administrative Regions of China), many called us “the cursed generation”. Since 1997, the aftermath of the social events has been lingering in our bodies. They are our birthmarks, our wounds, our scars, our polyps, our tumours – they are part of us. As the children of 1997, we are tied with the city’s fate as we face our destinies together, whether to be or not to be.

Therefore, I have transformed my own body into the timeline of Hong Kong. The camera moves from the feet, which signifies the year 1997, and pans towards the top of the body, transporting the audience towards 2047. Zooming into different parts of the body, we see representations of local events which have shaped me as who I am and impacted my understanding of self-identity. These are the wounds and scars that made us.

Hong Kong has never been in equilibrium. Approaching 2047, the body wriggles more violently, like a fish with its head chopped off. Halfway across, in the year 2022 when I turn 25 years old, the upper body vanishes into thin air. Is it because the city beholds a bleak future or is destined to find the silver lining among the dark clouds?

For the exhibition:
「永劫回歸的幽靈 Hangover Haunted & Their Lost Futures」
2022.8.9 to 9.25
@lumenvisum 光影作坊
L2-02, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre 

Other screening opportunities:

HONG KONG – Videotage (part of Art Basel Hong Kong satellite programme)
Date: 23rd March – 25th March 2023
Time: 11:30am – 07:00 pm HKT (Hong Kong Time) UTC/GMT +8 hours
Venue: Videotage, Unit 13, Cattle Depot Artist Village, 63 Ma Tau Kok Road, To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong


Date: 19th May 2023

Time:11am - 5pm

Venue: g39’s cinema space from

LONDON – Royal College of Art
Date: Tuesday, 21st March 2023
Time: 06:00pm – 08:00pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
Venue: Gorvy Lecture Theatre, Dyson Building, 1 Hester Rd, London SW11

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